About Nathan

Author, Speaker, CEO at Boost

Hi, I'm Nathan Donaldson, and I'm the CEO of Boost. Making positive changes in the workplace is something that I'm truly passionate about.

What motivates me is changing the way we design organisations. That's why I've spent much of my professional life exploring how the right methodologies and models can lead to better teamwork, higher productivity, and greater business value. I've seen all of these good things firsthand at Boost, and I want to share my experience and insights to help other businesses achieve the same transformation.

Implementing change can be a challenge. I've struggled with executing new ideas and driving change in the past, but I've gotten better at it one step at a time. Over the past ten years, I'm proud to say that I've transformed Boost into one of the best workplaces in Australasia.

Through trial and error, we've made over 40 small but measurable changes to our culture and organisational design – experimenting with new ideas and building an exciting workplace that fosters creativity and collaboration. We've taken things one step at a time, tried new things, added and taken away, shaken it up, and – one experiment at a time – built an exciting workplace that does meaningful work with and for good people.

Those changes have inspired a hands-on, easy framework for making organisational progress. Distilled from our experiences, the “Good Small Change” model is about three easily-achieved, practical elements that help organisatons and people foster sustainable and beneficial long-term change. Want to learn more? Well, I’m writing a book about it – so watch this space for more on “Unicorns Over Rainbows”!

I'm proud that Boost is one of only 50 companies certified by WorldBlu as a democratic workplace and the first in Australasia. We've also received recognition for being one of the world's happiest organisations.

As a mentor to several startups, I'm always eager to share my experiences and expertise to help entrepreneurs build and launch their businesses successfully. Whether through mentoring, coaching, speaking engagements, or directorships, I'm available to chat with anyone who wants to learn more.

In my opinion, by working together and sharing our experiences, we can create better workplaces and a better future for everyone.