Risk to Reason

Risk to Reason

Risk to Reason - Book Cover

When I talk to CIOs, CTOs and CEOs in Government in New Zealand, I hear the same things repeated over and over. Agile is too risky, our project is too important to fail, Agile lacks X and Agile is a fad.

All of these comments point to one thing - there is a lack of understanding that Agile is a pragmatic way to reduce project risk and increase our chances of delivering successful projects.

To address this, I have begun writing a book. The working title is: Risk to Reason: Managing Project Risk with Agile.

I have packaged the first chapter (an introduction) as a free white paper. This white paper was very kindly reviewed by a group of Agilists in Government who I respect and trust - thanks guys and gals! Based on their feedback I have revised and released the first chapter. The feedback will guide the work of the further chapters.

The book is published on Leanpub.com and you can buy it now and follow its progress.

I will use feedback from the community to shape and mold the book so it is as useful as possible. I’d be very grateful to receive further comment from the wider community on what I’ve published so far.

So please join me on this journey!